I'm presuming you already know "Why 100% Argon is the Best Wine Preserver for Your Business", and then what the "3 Different Types of Wine Preservers for On Premise Operators", and even "Why Vacuum Pumps Suck." 

As a result, you made the smart decision to trial a wine preserver in your business as a way to increase wine revenue, increase customer loyalty, reduce waste, and do it all with an effective, cost efficient, and easy to use wine preservation method - Silvadore Wine Preserver.

So now, we'll operationalize the decision and show you how to actually use Silvadore in your operation.

How to Preserve Open Bottles if Wine in a Restaurant, Wine Bar, or other On Premise Location

Your open bottles of wine can be preserved by following these simple steps:

  1. Pour great tasting glasses of wine for your wine customers throughout the day and evening. Increase wine revenue with higher price points of wines by the glass!
  2. Grab a can of Silvadore Wine Preserver (or Coravin device, if that's how you roll)
  3. Point the nozzle into the neck of the bottle
  4. Press and release the nozzle twice to create two bursts of 1-2 seconds each. This puts the colorless, odorless, tasteless, 100% food grade argon into the bottle. 
  5. That's it...How to Use Silvadore at Your Business
  6. Leisurely re-cork the bottle- no special stopper required. Argon is heavier than air and settles onto the top of the wine to form a protective layer.
  • Store the bottle upright, in a cool dry place
  • When a customer orders that wine by the glass again, reopen the bottle, pour another fresh tasting glass of wine, and re-spray the bottle. Done.
  • That's all you need to know. Simple, inexpensive, effective.


    The Science Behind Silvadore Wine Preserver

    Try the 100% Argon based Silvadore Wine Preserver Today

    Try using a 100% Argon wine preserver like Silvadore to make your guests' wine experience better and your wine revenue increase! Expand your wine-by-the-glass offering without risking wine waste, and see how you can increase your average price per glass served AND increase the number of glasses served.

    All without committing to a large capital investment, and with a method that delivers 100% argon easily, quickly, and efficiently. Your wait staff and bartenders will appreciate the ease of use and increased tip income from selling more and better quality wine! 

    Shop for Silvadore Wine Preserver

    Sign up for a wholesale account today, or purchase Silvadore from your wine distributor and/or foodservice distributor. With Wholesale pricing, online ordering, order history and order tracking, you're sourcing of Silvadore can be just as easy as preserving the bottles of wine behind your bar!

    Got a question or want to talk to Sales? Contact us today.

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