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  • Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs page 2

    Using Silvadore Wine Preserver at Home


    Can I use Silvadore more than once on the same bottle of wine?

    Yes! Consider the 100% Argon layer a temporary seal that is removed when you pour another glass of wine from the bottle. Simply respray Silvadore into the bottle, and a new protective layer of argon will preserve the fresh taste from that point on.

    Longer term wine preservation is especially valuable for wines you may enjoy less often, such as vintage port, vermouth, sake, dessert wines, etc.

    How many bottles of wine will I be able to keep fresh with a single canister of Silvadore?

    Each retail size canister of Silvadore will provide approximately 50 applications or “wine saves” (two quick sprays or bursts = one application). Using an argon wine preserver is a really inexpensive way to keep your wine fresh, allowing you to buy better quality / better tasting wine for everyday use!

    How will I know when the canister of Silvadore Wine Preserver is empty?

    Like hairspray, you will know Silvadore is empty when the spray stops. If you can feel or hear argon coming out of the canister, it is still working. Once empty, simply place the used canister in your recycling bin as Silvadore is made of recyclable aluminum. Purchase a two pack and always have a backup on hand.

    Do I need to use a special bottle stopper with Silvadore?

    No! Feel free to use the original cork / screw top or grab your favorite bottle stopper. The primary purpose of recorking or using a bottle stopper when preserving wine with 100% argon is to keep things like dirt and dust from going into the bottle. Since Silvadore / Argon is heavier than air, it will not spill out of the bottle until you tip over the bottle and pour another glass.

    Do I have to refrigerate the wine after I use Silvadore?

    No, you don’t have to put your open bottle of wine in the fridge for 100% argon wine preservation to be effective. You may want to refrigerate simply because you prefer your wine chilled when drinking it, especially if you prefer your whites and/or rosés chilled. But it is not necessary to protect the wine's fresh taste.

    Does Silvadore work on half empty bottles? Do I need to put more Silvadore into the bottle as it becomes less full of wine?

    Silvadore wine preserver works on any size bottle. By spraying Silvadore into the open wine bottle, you're creating a protective barrier between the wine and the air in the bottle. As the level of wine in the bottle goes down (when pouring out a glass), just respray Silvadore into the open bottle with 2 quick bursts. Reapply Silvadore after each pour to preserve the fresh wine taste.

    Can I still store the wine bottle on its side?

    Yes, you can store your open bottles of wine on their side since the gas will extend and simply thin out over the wine surface (the gas is not confined to one shape or static once sprayed in the bottle).

    If you do this, spray more than the recommended 2 quick bursts, to ensure there is enough argon in the bottle to cover the larger wine surface area!

    Is there an expiration date for the Silvadore canister?

    There is no expiration date for argon gas. Over an extended time (i.e. several years) there is a chance that some leakage could occur, however, if you spray your canister years from now and gas is expended, it’s good to use.

    Will Silvadore work with screw top wine bottles?

    Yes! Absolutely. When you spray Silvadore Wine Preserver, the argon sinks to the bottle of the bottle and creates an invisible protective layer on top of the wine. You can crew the cap back on at your leisure. Or, use a fun bottle stopper of your choice.

    Does it take time to work? Or, can I pour another glass right away?

    No, Silvadore begins preserving right away (as soon as the argon settles to the bottom of the bottle). And, if you change your mind and want to pour another glass right away - go ahead! Just remember to re-spray the bottle with Silvadore to preserve the wine that is still left in the bottle.


    Using Silvadore Wine Preserver at a Restaurant


    How do restaurants preserve their "wines by the glass"?

    THIS is the question restaurant customers should be asking! Every restaurant "should" preserve their open bottles of wine, but unfortunately all too many do not. When used at end of shift, Silvadore Wine Preserver helps restaurants, hotels and private clubs assure their customers they’re enjoying high quality and fresh tasting glasses of wine.

    Our mission is to educate restaurant operators and all that will listen to the importance of preserving open bottles of wine - regardless of whether Silvadore is the choice or not. More operators are learning every day the benefits of preserving wine, and anywhere wine by the glass is sold should have an effective and cost efficient wine preservation system.

    Consumers all deserve a fresh tasting glass of wine. Restaurants need to know that their reputation depends on it. Quality glasses of wine mean repeat customers and increased sales. 

    Are there any other gases mixed in / inside the Silvadore can?

    No! Silvadore is 100% food grade argon gas, with no fillers or cheaper substitutes like nitrogen. Compared to some other gas wine preservers, it is important to check the contents. Some have a gas mixture with potentially nitrogen and/or CO2, a less than effective alternative to 100% argon.

    Where can I buy Silvadore wine preserver?

    Silvadore is readily available online at www.SilvadoreBrands.com as well as on Amazon. We are expanding into foodservice distribution and at retailers across the U.S. as more retailers learn about the unique benefits of Silvadore Wine Preserver.
    Retailers can offer their customers Silvadore Wine Preserver by becoming a wholesale account.
    If you're a consumer, order online here or ask your local wine store, wine steward or other wine retailer if they carry Silvadore.



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