You'll be amazed at how inexpensive it can be to preserve an open bottle of wine at home. Yes, you can spend hundreds of dollars on a Coravin, and have to buy replacement cartridges on top of that. But, you don't have to. 

You get the same preservation technology - a protective layer of 100% food grade Argon gas - from a $15 can of Silvadore Wine Preserver.

How Much Does it Cost to Preserve a Bottle of Wine?

What's The Math? Here it is, down and dirty:

  • A Can of Silvadore in the smaller retail size costs around $15
  • A single can of Silvadore Wine Preserver will preserve approx 50 bottles of wine (this depends on how often you have a single glass from a bottle - i.e. you might spray the same bottle only once, or up to three different times)
  • $15 to save 50 bottles of wine, equals $0.30 per bottle

How Does this Math Affect Me?

Now, think about how much you deliberate about how much to spend on a bottle of wine. If you're like me, you stand there in the aisle and scratch your chin thinking, "Hmm. Should I be frugal and buy that $15 bottle. Or....I'm really feeling like a nice glass tonight, so should I splurge and go for the $40 bottle...?"

Four nice glasses from a $40 bottle of wine is a reasonable $10 per glass. If you use Silvadore Wine Preserver and can be confident that you'll get 4 fresh tasting glasses over the course of the next week or two, all of a sudden the math becomes overwhelmingly positive.

$0.30 to save a $40 bottle of wine, and enable me to enjoy 4 good tasting glasses from that bottle over the next week? Heck yeah - I'm going for the $40 bottle!

This is a conversation I've had with myself nearly once a month since I began using an Argon wine preserver over 3 years ago.

The Bottom Line

The cost to preserve a bottle of wine is almost nothing. The enjoyment of being able to drink better quality wine at home? Priceless.

If you're skeptical, that's ok. For $15, you can order a can of Silvadore Wine Preserver today and do a taste trial for yourself! You have nothing to lose, and a ton of good tasting glasses of wine to gain.

Do it today!


Order Silvadore Wine Preserver - From Silvadore


Silvadore Wine Preserver - 2 Can Pack



Order Silvadore Wine Preserver - From Amazon



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