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3 Different Types of Wine Preservers that Use 100% Argon

Published: September 17, 2020, Updated: March 17, 2021

3 Different Types of Wine Preservers that Use 100% Argon

There are three different types or forms of wine preservers that use argon to create a barrier between the air and the surface of the wine, preventing the wine from oxidizing. The 3 types of preservers include:
  • Wine Preservation Systems. Self contained cabinets and/or piped enclosures that completely isolate the gas inside the bottle of wine from the outside world. These wine preservation systems can be very effective, but they are also typically very expensive. Smaller units are usually around $5,000 or more. Typical brand names include Napa Technologies and Enomatic. 
    Wine Preservation System | Napa Technologies
  • Wine Preservation Devices. A device that sits on top of the bottle, or is inserted into the bottle. If they use 100% Argon and not a less expensive mix of gases, these can be very effective preservation tools. Although not nearly as expensive as a cabinet system, these devices still cost $300+ and require consumable cartridges of around $10 per cartridge. The cost to save a bottle ends up around $1 per use. Typical brands in this category include the popular Coravin, as well as others like Plum and Pek.
Coravin Wine Preservation Device

  • Canister Wine Preservers. These wine preservers deliver 100% argon directly into the open bottle of wine. The (typically) aluminum cans are recyclable and very low cost. Canister based wine preservers don't require any expensive or installed equipment, don't rely on an awkward bottle top device, and make preserving a bottle of wine at home super easy, economical, and environmentally friendly. Typical brands include ArT, VineyardFresh, and our own Silvadore Wine Preserver. With canisters, the cost to save a bottle of wine is under $0.25. A no brainer.
Silvadore Wine Preserver | 100% Argon Gas Wine Preserver in a Recyclable Aluminum Can

    In all the three methods above, the basis for valid and reliable wine preservation is the use of 100% Argon.

    We tell all our customers: use 100% Argon to preserve your wine. Whether you chose to use a system like Napa Tech, or a beautiful device like Coravin, or a simple and cost effective canister like Silvadore - just be sure you're using 100% Argon to keep your wine fresh and make your wine experience better.

    Argon Periodic Table Element

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