We have to credit the folks at Wine Cooler Direct and Forbes for planting the idea several years ago with us on a Halloween theme. Enjoy and try a variety wines due to a Halloween theme and not pretense, price or preference. This not only helps you try something new, but can sometimes surprise you with an unexpected wine offering. And, if you use a wine preserver like Silvadore Wine Preserver, you and your friends can enjoy tasting all of these scary wines and not worry about having the open bottle of wine go bad. 

It is October and we are going with the obvious Halloween theme. However, there are numerous other ideas we can and will cover in the future to keep you thinking. Halloween has started to act as a kickoff to the entire holiday season. Get a head start on preparing for some adult fun.

This year may be different with gatherings being curbed, however that does not have to stop the wine from flowing. Keep in mind that Halloween wine tasting Zoom calls in the month of October is a great way to safely connect and wine taste and since Halloween is on the weekend, there could be plenty of time to keep trying wines long after the trick or treating ends.

Our mission is to "Make the Wine Experience Better." Part of that is the great learning opportunity. Not all the wines themed below are just "marketed wines". There are some real winners to be found, the trick (and treat) is to try a few.

Here's a partial wine list to start with. Don't forget - you can open up a bunch of bottles on Halloween night and not worry about finishing all of them or wasting half the bottle. Use Silvadore Wine Preserverto keep the open bottle of wine fresh for another evening!

Scare away....

  • Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 19 Crimes
  • Ghostly White Chardonnay
  • Zombie Zin
  • Trueblood Wine
  • Purple Death
  • Black Cat
  • Killibinbin Scream Shiraz

Halloween Themed Wine Tasting Recommendations

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