Silvadore is a powerful sales tool to increase wine revenue across key Trade Channels, including:

  • On Premise - use Silvadore Wine Preserver to expand your Wine by the Glass offering for $0.10 or less per bottle, and increase your wine revenue and margins. Also, increase wine revenue from more full bottle sales.
  • Off Premise - Silvadore adds an incremental and recurring sale while enabling you to increase wine revenue through selling more and better quality bottles of wine.
  • Wineries - with wine preservation, you ensure a high quality experience in your tasting room and restaurant, and gain a powerful upselling tool to help sell more and better quality glasses and bottles of wine.
  • Distributors - help your customers increase their (and your) wine revenue, by educating on and off premise customers on the ways wine preservers can enable better wine experiences, and sales of more and better quality wine. Preserve more - sell more - increase profits.

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