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  • Last Edited: March 11, 2024

    By using wine preservation in your restaurant, wine bar, or tasting room, you'll be able to increase your wine revenue through several different programs. First, you can use wine preservation as a powerful tool to expand your wine by the glass program. Second, you can use wine preservation to increase full bottle wine sales as part of an "upgrade and take home" program. And finally, a wine preserver is a great marketing and promotional tool that can help you shift from managing wine to marketing wine!

    Here's how to increase wine revenue from these methods...

    Increase Wine Revenue from Wine by the Glass

    The most immediate revenue opportunity that comes from preserving wine on premise comes from your wine by the glass offering. Typically, wine by the glass programs are limited due to concerns about low turnover, with the resulting risks of poor taste and wasted wine. The result is narrow wine by the glass offerings that don't offer customers a wide choice of varieties, brands, or price points to match their tastes or food choices.

    When you use a wine preserver for on premise operations, these benefits occur:

    • You can increase choices and varieties of wines you offer, without risk of a bad tasting pour or discarded wine
    • You can increase price points of the wines you offer. The higher price point wines may turn slower than what you're used to, but with an effective wine preserver, you'll be assured of fresh tasting pours for the entire bottle.
    • For all open bottles, you'll ensure proper tasting wine on every pour. Closed on Mondays? Have a back bar that's only open weekends? Preserve the open bottles and be confident they'll taste fresh the next pour.
    • Eliminate wine dumps. No more dumping 1/3 the bottle out because it went bad. Capture 100% of the revenue and margin offered by each bottle you buy and open.

    Actual Results - Revenue Increase from Expanded Wine by the Glass Program. For a full service major brand hotel property, they implemented argon canister wine preservation across the property. Over a six month evaluation period, this property experienced:

    • Increase in per glass price point of 14%
    • Increase in glass pours by just under 50%
    • $40,000 increase in wine revenueannually (for the one property)
    Increase in Wine by the Glass Revenue from Using Wine Preserver On Premise

    Increase Wine Revenue from Full Bottle Sales

    The second area to grow wine revenue by using preservation is in full bottle sales. When combined with a state law compliant take home bag, using a wine preserver like Silvadore gives your wait staff the confidence to sell wine customers better quality or an additional bottle of wine. 

    Here are four different ways to increase full bottle wine revenue:

    • Upsell from 1-2 glasses to a full bottle. A couple is enjoying a nice dinner, and they're wavering between ordering a glass, or perhaps a bottle. The server can upsell to a full bottle by offering to preserve and pack the unused portion of the bottle for them to take home and enjoy on another evening.
    • Upsell a higher price point / better quality bottle. Same as above - the server can upsell to a nicer bottle of wine, relieving the customer concern about not drinking the whole bottle with dinner. Offer to "preserve it and pack it" so they can enjoy the great wine again on another night!
    • Additional sale of another bottle. Especially with larger tables, someone may want another glass, but they're hesitant about ordering another bottle that may not be finished. No worries! Offer to "preserve and pack" the unused portion up for them to take home.
    • Full bottle sales of multiple varieties to the same table. Some people love their Cabs, while some love their Merlot. Why make a whole table have to drink the same variety?? Your server can offer the option to order multiple varieties by the bottle, and each can have their bottles preserved and packed to take home.
    • Tableside preservation of the unfinished bottles of wine with Silvadore Wine Preserver gives the customers confidence that their wine is being professionally protected. Your servers and establishment look professionaland knowledgeableabout wine, and it increases guest satisfaction and loyalty.

    Potential Revenue Increase in Full Bottle Sales. By using a wine preserver in your business, you can increase wine revenue from full bottle sales. By simply selling one additional bottle of wine per day, your location can drive a revenue increase well into five figures - or more. See the graph below to estimate the incremental wine revenue from the sale of a single bottle a day, for each of the retail price points.


    Wine Revenue Increase from Using Wine Preserve to Grow Full Bottle Sales on premise

    Increase Wine Revenue Through Marketing and Promotions

    Silvadore Wine Preserver is non-alcoholic companion product to wine, and therefore opens up all sorts of marketing and promotional opportunities that are not typically available on the wine itself (depending on your state laws).

    In addition, Silvadore Wine Preserver is a consumable item with a repeat purchase behavior. For retail stores and establishments with a retail presence, this can be a point of sale revenue enhancer.

    With specialty wine shops or grocers, offering a wine preserver gives your sales associates a powerful tool to both increase the average ticket with an add-on item, as well as upsell the wine customer to better quality bottles of wine.

    For both retailers and on premise operators, using a wine preserver opens up fun marketing ideas, like featuring Italian Wines on Columbus Day or French Wines on Bastille Day. Same with food pairings - match up a flight of Italian Wines by the glass with an Italian featured dish.

    By using a wine preserver and ensuring high quality tasting wine from every pour, you are free to open up your wine list for all sorts of by-the-glass promotions and pairings.

    Ready to see how this might work in your establishment? Try using Silvadore Wine Preserver in your business by following "How to Conduct a Trial of Wine Preservation in Your Business."

    Shop for Silvadore Wine Preserver

    Sign up for a wholesale account today, or purchase Silvadore from your wine distributor and/or foodservice distributor. With Wholesale pricing, online ordering, order history and order tracking, you're sourcing of Silvadore can be just as easy as preserving the bottles of wine behind your bar!

    Got a question or want to talk to Sales? Contact us today.


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