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Enjoy a Better Wine Experience at Home

  • Open any bottle of wine and enjoy a single glass! By using Silvadore, it's easy to enjoy a nice glass tonight, and then enjoy an equally nice glass tomorrow, next week or next month.
  • Serve the wine that your friend enjoys! Share good tasting wine, even if you like different wines. Open multiple bottles and use Silvadore Wine Preserver to preserve the open bottles for another time.
  • Entertain Differently! Having friends over? Wine preserver gives you the freedom to open a wide selection of wines. Forget "let's open one bottle"! Open 3 or 4 and let everyone and enjoy their favorite - without worrying about wasting any wine.
Try Silvadore Wine Preserver at home. You'll love the benefits of using a wine preserver and wonder why you didn't know about argon wine preservation sooner.
Silvadore Wine Preserver - 100% Argon Goodness

Enjoy the freedom to drink a glass of wine whenever you want. With Silvadore, relax knowing the next glass of wine you pour from the bottle will be as good as the first.

Silvadore uses 100% Food Grade Argon - a colorless, odorless, tasteless inert gas. It's the secret to prevent wine from oxidizing. Don't let your open bottles of wine go bad. Try Silvadore today!

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Soiree Home Aerator

Open up your wine and enhance the flavor of every glass. With the Soiree Aerator, you only aerate the wine you pour - the rest remains inside the bottle ready to be preserved for another day.

An all glass design, the Soiree is a one hand operated aerator that's a perfect companion to Silvadore Wine Preserver. Want a single glass of wine tonight? Perfect. Aerate with your Soiree, then preserve with Silvadore. The rest of your open bottle of wine is safe and will taste fresh the next time you pour a glass.

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Silvadore Wine Stain Remover

Oopsie. We all do it. Spilled some red wine on your fav shirt? No worries. The Silvadore Wine Stain Remover is a professional strength stain remover specifically intended for wine lovers (spillers?).

Simply spray the Silvadore Wine Stain Remover on clothing or carpets to remove that red wine stain before anyone else sees it.

Soiree Home Wine Buffs

A really fun wine gift, the Soiree Wine Buffs complement a gift bottle in a unique and fun way. Bring a California Cab and a Napa/Sonoma Wine Buff to your next party and share stories about the trips and wineries you and your friends have enjoyed.

Does the hostess have a dream to visit Tuscany? Bring a Chianti and an Italy Buff and inspire her dream. Have fun and create your own pairings of wine and wine buffs!

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Vacuum Pumps Suck - by Design and Poor Science
Vacuum Pumps Suck - by Design and Poor Science

If you want to preserve the fresh taste of your open bottle of wine for another day, don't suck. Create a 100% argon barrier to stop the oxidation, and place your bottle in a cool and dark place.

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Why 100% Argon is Best Wine Preserver for Home
Why 100% Argon is Best Wine Preserver for Home

The development of wine preservation over the past 15 years has leaned heavily toward argon as the preferred method for keeping wine fresh. Why? Because science supports it. 100% Argon works based on a combination of chemistry and physics. Read on...

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Wine and Movie Pairings
Gather Some Friends and Pair Wine and Movies to Celebrate the Coming Spring

Although March is just beginning, consider this to be the start of the homestretch leading to better weather (especially for us northerners). To help, we’d like to suggest a reasonable, yet fun entertainment opportunity that involves both wine and movies!

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Use a Wine Preserver to Protect Large Open Bottles of Wine
Use a Wine Preserver to Enjoy and Protect Large Bottle Size Wines

Comfortably and economically enjoy large format bottles of wine. Using a 100% argon wine preserver enables you to save the remaining wine and enjoy a fresh tasting glass again and again.

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