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Vacuum Pumps Suck - by Design and Poor Science

Published: May 18, 2021, Updated: June 11, 2021

Vacuum Pumps Suck - by Design and Poor Science

Preserving your open bottles of wine is a great way to extend the fresh taste and your enjoyment of good quality wine. By using an effective wine preserver, you can enjoy a better wine experience by:

  • Buying and enjoying better quality wine
  • Enjoying that better quality wine across many days, weeks, and/or fun evenings
  • Saving money - no more pouring good wine down the drain because it "spoiled"
  • Enjoying the freedom to open up any bottle you want - you're liberated from the false restriction of opening up only one bottle at a time

Now What?

OK, fine, you say. But how do I preserve my open bottle of wine? I see a bunch of vacuum type wine preservers on Amazon all claiming to "preserve your wine."  Are these claims legit?


We're afraid to break the bad news to you. Many (but certainly not all) so called accessories that claim to "preserve wine" are ineffective at best, and even harmful to the wine at worst.

One very popular method that claims to preserve wine flavor is the use of a vacuum. No, not this:

This vacuum cleaner is designed to suck

But this:

Typical Vacuum Type Wine Preserver

But isn't a vacuum effective at preserving wine? Well, it's back to science and chemistry. The science is clear - vacuum extraction methods simply can not remove enough - let alone all - of the oxygen from inside the bottle. Despite the familiar and comforting "click" sound, most of the oxygen inside the bottle remains inside the bottle.

Don't believe me? Read the article "Do vacuum pumps work for saving leftover wine?" from Wine Spectator. The science is clear. Vacuums are designed to suck, but they also don't work very well.

What Does Work to Preserve Wine?

To preserve the fresh taste of wine, you have to manage heat, sunlight, and oxygen. No matter the preserver, you have to put the wine bottle in a cool place away from sunlight. To deal with oxygen / oxidation, the most effective method is creating an effective barrier between the wine and the atmosphere in the bottle. Enter 100% argon - an inert noble gas (here's the chemistry).

A thin layer of argon gas between the surface of the wine and the atmosphere / oxygen in the bottle is the most effective way to prevent oxidation. 100% Argon is the technique used by the best wine preservation methods, like Coravin, Napa Technologies, and Silvadore.

SIDE NOTE: What about Private Preserve? Private Preserve uses a gas blend in their formulation. That blend is not 100% argon, and includes gases that can affect the flavor profile of certain wines.

So, Don't Suck

If you want to preserve the fresh taste of your open bottle of wine for another day, don't suck. Create a 100% argon barrier to stop the oxidation, and place your bottle in a cool and dark place.

Preserve your good wine by design and good science. 

Want to test this for yourself? Order a can or two of Silvadore Wine Preserver and use the coupon code TRYME and get 10% off your initial order. Use science and chemistry to your advantage and enjoy A Better Wine Experience!

Silvadore Wine Preserver - 2 Can Pack

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