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Silvadore Wine Preserver - Keep Your Wine Tasting Fresh and Enjoy a Better Wine Experience


Enjoy better tasting wine, better quality wine, more varieties, and a glass whenever you want. That's the freedom that comes from using Silvadore Wine Preserver. Now you can enjoy the wine you want, whenever you want, and benefit from A Better Wine Experience.

Why Use Silvadore Wine Preserver at Home?

There are a host of great benefits you'll enjoy by using Silvadore Wine Preserver:

  • Enjoy Better Tasting Wine. After a bottle of wine is opened, the taste begins to degrade due to oxidization. Preserving the bottle allows you to retain the fresh taste of the wine until you finish the bottle. By preserving your open bottle with Silvadore, your last glass will taste as good as the first.
  • Save Money. Preserving your open bottle of wine allows you to retain the fresh flavor until the bottle is finished. You don't have to drink any more than you want out of fear of wasting the bottle. You don't have to waste money by pouring bad tasting wine down the drain. With Silvadore, your last glass will taste as good as the first.
  • Extend the Life of Open Bottles of Wine. When you can preserve the fresh taste of your wine for days or weeks, you suddenly think differently about how, when, and what bottles you open. You have options! Enjoy a single glass from a nice bottle? Yes. Share a glass days later with a friend? Yes. Open up that "special bottle" you bought, just because you had a good day? YES. Enjoy great tasting wine from a single bottle over the course of days or weeks!
  • Expand Your Wine Varieties. By using Silvadore Wine Preserver, you can safely open a wide variety of wines, confident you can preserve any unfinished bottles. Why restrict yourself to only one bottle of wine at a time??? Don't limit yourself or your quests to drinking the same bottle of wine - open several bottles and let everyone enjoy whatever one they want. Keep multiple bottles open at home - because you can!
  • Buy and Enjoy Better Quality Wine. When you use Silvadore Wine Preserver, you'll change the quality of the wine you buy. I'm careful about how much I spend on things. But, my average bottle price went from around $12-20 a bottle, up to $25-40 a bottle. Why? Because by using Silvadore, I know I'll enjoy 4 great tasting glasses of wine from a single bottle. All of a sudden, the more expensive bottles make sense and I buy and enjoy better tasting wine at home.
  • Enjoy a Single Glass without Worry. Don't feel pressure to drink more than you want to justify opening a nice bottle. Don't feel anxious that you'll have to dump the second half of the bottle just to enjoy the first half. Relax and open what you want, when you want.

Top 3 Reasons to Preserve an Open Bottle of Wine at Home

Not convinced? Watch our video with Jim and Gary describing the Top 3 Reasons to preserve wine, and how easy and inexpensive it is to do!


Why 100% Argon is the Best Way to Preserver Wine

There are a lot of wine preservers on the market. Some work, but many don't. (Check out our article Top Ways to Preserve an Open Bottle of Wine at Home). It comes down to this - preserving wine is about Chemistry and Physics:

  • Physics. Because Argon is heavier than air, when you spray Silvadore into the open bottle of wine, it sinks to the bottom of the space above the wine and creates an invisible layer on top of the wine. The Argon layer prevents the wine from interacting with the oxygen in the bottle. How? Chemistry!
  • Chemistry. Remember science class? The chemistry is the Argon. Argon is an inert noble gas - colorless, odorless, tasteless, and in the air we breath. Because it's inert, Argon does NOT interact with the wine, and it prevents the wine from oxidizing and changing flavor.

    The Bottom Line - Argon prevents oxidation and preserves the wine's taste

    Preserving open bottles of wine at home will Make Your Wine Experience Better. Better flavor, more variety, more options, less waste, more fun. If you don't already preserve your wine at home, give Silvadore a try.

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