We read this valuable article by Christy Frank at SevenFiftyDaily, and it has so many valuable ideas embedded in it. If you own or run a wine bar, or hybrid retail/wine bar - in a smaller city or not - there's a lot of good business advice to be had.

Check it out:  "How Retailers are Creating Robust Wine Markets in Smaller U.S. Cities", SevenFiftyDaily

There are a few things that stand out for me. In particular, the use of "wine by the glass" and routine wine tastings to accomplish these goals:

  • Expose customers to new and interesting wines
  • Educate customers on different wine flavors
  • Educate staff on different wine flavors
  • Build trust with wine customers as an advocate and leader in the wine space

Having a strong and diverse wine by the glass program typically brings a critical business risk to mind. Specifically, a wide offering of by the glass potentially exposes multiple bottles of wine to oxidation and taste degredation. Open bottles of wine, if left untreated, will only taste fresh for a day or two.

You Don't Have to Worry About Wasting Wine!

But...if you properly store and treat these open bottles of wine, you can avoid wine waste and ensure fresh taste for days and weeks at a time. You can confidently expand your wine by the glass offering, while ensuring your customers experience the great taste while the learn about new (and better) wine.

How? By using an effective wine preservation method for On Premise / behind the bar. The most effective way to preserve open bottles of wine is using 100% argon to prevent oxidation. And, the most cost effective way to use 100% argon to preserve open bottles of wine is by using Silvadore Wine Preserver.

Silvadore eliminates wine waste, and enables you to expand your wine by the glass program. More choices > more knowledgeable and satisfied customers > higher wine revenue and repeat business.

Not Sure How to Start?

Check out our guide on "How to Conduct a Trial of Wine Preservation in Your Business" to learn where to begin. It's easy, and cheap!

You don't have to spend a ton on a cabinet or bottle top device. You can trial 100% Argon wine preservation in your wine bar / retail location using Silvadore Wine Preserver. Grab a canister today and see how much you can increase your wine revenue!

Silvadore Wine Preserver - On Premise / Institutional Size Canister

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