Being able to preserve open bottles of wine in your restaurant, wine bar, or country club is a powerful way to increase your wine revenue. How? By offering your guests a wider range of wine varieties and price points in your wine by the glass program, you can increase wine sales and avoid losing money from discarding spoiled wine.

Coravin understands this dynamic well, and I think does a good job communicating how using a wine preservation system in an On Premise environment can help operators increase wine revenue and guest satisfaction.

In fact, this recent sponsored article from Coravin is an excellent piece, and we agree with its premise: expand your wine by the glass offering to increase revenue, and use an effective wine preserver to ensure fresh taste and eliminate waste

"Maximize Holiday Revenue by Preserving Wine Quality", Restaurant Business, Dec 01, 2021

And in the case of Coravin - and Silvadore - using 100% argon as a wine preservation method is the key. As we've written about before, 100% argon is the most effective method to preserve wine due to good science and proper execution.

Check. Check. All good so far.

But, there's an important point where Silvadore and Coravin diverge...

Where Silvadore and Coravin diverge is in how the argon is delivered into the bottle, and how much it will cost you - in money and staff time - to implement a wine preservation program in your restaurant.

Check out our in depth look comparing Silvadore to Coravin

Coravin vs Silvadore - Which Wine Preserver is Better for On Premise Use

The key points are:

  • Both systems use 100% argon to preserve the wine's fresh taste
  • Silvadore is much simpler to use, with no needles or cartridges to manage
  • Silvadore is much faster to execute, especially in a fast paced environment and/or at end of shift, when staff time is critical
  • Silvadore has no ongoing maintenance requirements. None.
  • Silvadore does not require any initial expense to trial wine preservation in your operation. 
  • Coravin works best with very high end bottles, that you will access to pour a glass infrequently. Coravin is a great tool for this application.
  • Silvadore works best with all other bottles, especially ones where you may access to pour once or more times daily. Preserving multiple bottles at the end of shift is super fast and easy with Silvadore.
  • Cost is significantly different between Silvadore and Coravin. Silvadore is much cheaper to use at an estimated $0.30 per bottle saved. We estimate Coravin costs around $1.80 per bottle saved. See the analysis on the cost difference between Silvadore and Coravin.

So while we agree with Coravin's argument for on premise operators to increase wine revenue, we disagree with how to do it. If you are looking for an easy to use, inexpensive wine preserver that uses the same preservation method as Coravin, look no further than Silvadore Wine Preserver.


Silvadore Wine Preserver | 100% Argon Wine Preserver Spray | Institutional Size Canister



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