Wine preservation, as a category, is gaining much greater awareness and attention. However, the question is "what product provides the highest level of efficacy with cost effectiveness?" 

100% Argon is a proven effective wine preservation method. And you can deliver the argon into your open bottles of wine in several ways - with a device like a Coravin, which uses a needle to piece the cork, or with a simple and cost effective cannister that sprays the argon directly into the open bottles of wine.

With Silvadore Wine Preserver, you have an easy to use and cost effective way to deliver argon into open bottles at the end of shift. Your bartenders can  easily execute a robust wine preservation program without having to find devices, manage cartridges, and correctly use needles to either pour a glass or preserve a bottle.

The People Behind the Product

Thanks to great partners such as CCL Container, Silvadore Brands is pleased to create an innovative wine preservation product that deliver on On Premise operator needs.  

Our partnership with CCL Container began with a preliminary site visit to their Western Pennsylvania operation in the Fall of 2019. After meeting with the people at CCL, and observing their modern operations first hand, we knew they were the right partner for the Silvadore brand.

As our brand and cannister design efforts proceeded, Silvadore and CCL both became very excited and focused on the shaped aluminum can as a perfect fit for our brand and customer demographic - especially in the retail and consumer market.

Along with our partnerships with creative design and aerosol filler, the award winning look of the Silvadore Wine Preserver came into focus. Of course, COVID hit all of us, and we had to adjust operating plans and timing based on what was happening. CCL were great partners in this shift, and together with our filler we moved forward.

The Silvadore Wine Preserver became available in the consumer market in the late Fall of 2020, just in time to test different aspects of our plans in the critical holiday shopping season.

As we prepare plans for our continuing partnership with CCL Container, they published a recent press release describing our valuable partnership. We couldn't be more proud to be a partner with the people at CCL:


"CCL Container Partners with Silvadore Brands to Launch Exclusive Wine Preservation Product"


Want to Try the result of our partnership?

The end result of this partnership is the Silvadore Wine Preserver. If you want to enjoy better tasting wine, a glass of wine whenever you want, and want to buy and enjoy better quality wine, give us a try!

Click the image below to learn more and try the 100% Argon Silvadore Wine Preserver:

Silvadore Wine Preserver - 100% argon gas wine preserver

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