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Below are Wine Essential items offered by Silvadore for Retail Stores wherever and whatever you might be. Wine shops, specialty food stores, stores selling specialty food, stores selling wine, liquor stores, or retailers that sell lifestyle and/or wine accessories.

The Silvadore Brand is all about "wine essentials", because the products we offer enable you to increase the value and benefit of wine experiences. Better wine experiences include purchasing and consuming more and better quality wine for the ever important wine customer.

Also, we have special Retail Store wholesale pricing for qualified accounts. Please contact us to arrange wholesale pricing by calling our National Sales Executive - Gary - at 888-298-8682, extension 101, or by emailing Gary at sales@silvadorebrands.com.

If you'd like to get a head start on setting up your account, please complete our B2B Account Application form. Gary will respond as soon as practical, usually within a day following receipt.