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Soiree Home In Bottle Wine Aerator


We are very pleased to offer the Soiree In-Bottle Aerator as part of our Silvadore Wine Essentials Collection. We believe in oxygen management: understanding that oxygen is both a friend and foe to your wine. For red wine, as described below, oxygen is a friend when first opening the bottle. The Soiree Aerator helps you manage the friendly oxygen at this moment, and does the trick wonderfully.

Why Use an Aerator on Your Bottle of Wine?

Why is oxygen a friend when you first open a bottle of wine? Here's the background:

  • You've heard about allowing wine to "breath."  Usually, a newly opened bottle of wine needs 20-30 minutes for it to breath properly. Who wants to wait that long to enjoy a good tasting wine?
  • Instead, an aerator accelerates the breathing - sometimes called opening up - of the bottle of wine. 
    • Traditionally, many red wines, particularly those heavy in tannins like Cabs, need time to "open up" and soften. Tannins are what makes your mouth pucker up when tasting a freshly opened bottle of red.
    • Exposure to oxygen once the bottle is opened softens the tannins and enhances the flavor - i.e. oxygen is your friend at this point!
    • (NOTE: over time, exposure to oxygen turns from friend to foe. The wine begins to oxidize and the flavor begins to degrade. This is when you need a 100% argon wine preserver to stop the oxidation and preserve the great taste!)
  • Aerating wine enhances the flavors of red and white wines. Aerating heightens aroma, expands flavors, and smooths the finish

Why the Soiree In-Bottle Aerator in Particular?

Soiree claims to be "the premier in-bottle wine aerator", and we tend to agree. Here's why:

  • Soiree is hand made from borosilicate - a strengthened glass. The Soiree's blown glass design offers beauty, quality, and pure flavor
    • All glass aerators perform better than non-glass aerators, as glass does not change the wine flavor as it aerates it
    • Fine wine drinkers prefer glass over plastic for serving and enjoying pure wine flavor
  • Single Hand Operation. The Soiree fits in the neck of the bottle and works instantly as you pour
    • Instead of holding the bottle with one hand and the aerator with the other
    • Easy to use. It isn't complicated
    • Strength of aeration depends upon how inverted you hold the bottle. Less inverted - less aeration. More inverted - stronger aeration.
  • By using a Soiree in-bottle aerator, you only aerate the part of the bottle you are pouring. This makes serving a single glass of wine not only easy, but allows you to preserve the remaining wine in the open bottle for enjoyment on another day.