We super excited to announce that our Silvadore Wine Preserver retail size cannister was recognized by The International Organisation of Aluminum Aerosol Container Manufacturers for Design excellence. 

We're proud of our can design, and want to recognize our partners in this effort. The branding and logo design was done by Markey Creative in Chagrin Falls, OH. The aluminum can design and manufacturing by CCL Container in Hermitage, PA. And the 100% argon fill was completed by Custom Aerosol in Piqua, OH.

See the original announcement from Aerobal here.

The design recognition says:

Silvadore Brands, the US wine essentials company, recently launched their 100%-argon wine preserver for use at home. The aerosol cans for this innovative product were manufactured by CCL Container in the USA. The design and shape of the cans are completely unique and demonstrate impressively the benefits of the aluminium can: it is ergonomically shaped to provide a great feel and offers user friendliness and excellent shelf presence.
The unique look of the brushed aluminium combined with the puristically clear design creates the fantastic appearance of a modern lifestyle product – and one that captivates at first glance with its high-quality premium character. A fashionable actuator provides the finishing touch.
Despite the outstanding visual appearance of this unique aluminium aerosol can, its other plus points should not go unmentioned, though: in addition to the infinite recyclability of the container, the package provides superb functionality and compatibility with the 100% argon (with no CFCs).


Aerobal Aluminum Can Design Recognition for Silvadore Wine Preserver

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