NOW is the time to try something new and make a difference in your operations. The “same old” may not apply anymore. Those unable to act or take action may risk missing on opportunities or being left behind. As difficult as these times are, this is an opportunity to make a “real and major” difference impacting both the top and bottom lines of your beverage business.

Why Such Strong Comments?

In the past, with wine by the glass (WBTG) programs moving along and limited obstacles, it seemed to be easier to keep with standard SOP’s and not rock the boat. Now the issues with WBTG are much more pronounced. As potential COVID restrictions ebb and flow, the questions are:

  • What will be our customer counts?
  • How much sales volume will we have?
  • Will customers spend more or less (or could be enticed to)?
  • How long will this go on?

Managing Wine and Beverage Right Now

Managing your inventory becomes more challenging and your feeling of options or taking risk probably limited. Consider this, at a cost of 7 cents or less (to be explained in a paragraph that follows), anyone can preserve a bottle(s) of wine and in the process save money by preventing waste, while opening the opportunity for increasing revenue.

During these times of opening and/or reopening locations, with quality wine preservation, the concern with WBTG, due to uncertainty of customer counts and sales, can be placed on the backburner. This would allow you to get your fundamental business in order while maintaining a valuable profit center and resource.

A Game Changer For Managing Wine

The key is using 100% argon gas to preserve your wines. As an inert gas that is heavier than oxygen and is colorless, tasteless, and odorless, by placing a small amount of argon on the surface of your wine will protect it and prevent oxidation.

Thanks to the advertising and promotion of Coravin, many of you are probably familiar with this process. This creative device uses argon within its capsules to protect and preserve. The primary feature to remember is using 100% argon (100% argon is 100% argon). Your delivery system method is of your choosing. It could be Coravin, a tank, another device or canister like Silvadore Wine Preserver. Your choice should be based on what’s right for your operational needs whether it be flexibility, portability, space, ease of use or, of course, cost of application (BTW the 7 cents mentioned earlier relates to canister application).

A Path Going Forward

Simple application of argon with each bottle the end of the night assures that the wine will remain impervious to oxidation until the next time the bottle is poured (pouring releases the gas). That wine preserved today can remain fresh for whenever the next customer wants to have a glass (days/weeks later if need be). Implement this program and be a hero in your restaurant.

In part two of this series, we will follow up as we see our restaurant community open up with consistency as we see the worst of the COVID situation behind us. The other side of the equation - beyond helping you save you money - will be about helping you make more money because you can save open bottles of wine. Once you are comfortable with having a system in place, we look forward to your being able to stop having to manage your wine inventory and begin to have fun MARKETING it.


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