December 09, 2021

I saw this article recently from Julia Larson at VinePair, where she gives a nice perspective on the current state of screw caps in the world of wine.

"Ask a Wine Pro: Is All Screw-Cap Wine Bad?", Julia Larson,

I hadn't considered one benefit of a screw cap system - when done properly, a screw cap can eliminate the risk from cork taint. Eliminating cork taint ensures the wine flavor remains fresh and as intended by the winemaker, from point of bottling all the way / until the point of opening. That's a super interesting benefit that I hadn't considered before.

But, naturally, my mind goes immediately to the next step in the bottle's reason for existence. Specifically, once you crack the screw cap and pour a glass of wine, how do you preserve that fresh wine flavor until you want a second glass?

Some important wine preservers on the market do not work with screw cap wine bottles! Instead, in some cases, you have to purchase (and have on hand) an accessory closure to facilitate the device / needle working properly with a crew cap bottle, and therefore be able to preserve the bottle of wine for a future pour.

Good News: Silvadore Wine Preserver Works Perfectly with Screw Cap Wine Bottles

You don't have to worry about this! With Silvadore Wine Preserver, the 100% Argon in the Silvadore canister remains an effective wine preservation method for screw cap bottles of wine. Silvadore works as designed, without any additional pieces and parts, or special steps to take. Just use Silvadore the way you always do:

  • Open the bottle and pour a glass
  • Spray Silvadore into the bottle
  • Put the screw cap back on


How to Use Silvadore Wine Preserver with Screw Cap Wine Bottles


So if screw cap closures continue to grow in popularity here in the States, as they have in Australia and New Zealand, then you don't need to be worried about how you'll preserve your open bottles of wine. 

Continue to use Silvadore Wine Preserver, as you are now. (Not using Silvadore yet? Order a can today and begin benefiting from using a wine preserver at home.)

2 Can Pack of Silvadore Wine Preserver:


Silvadore Wine Preserver - 2 Can Pack



The Silvadore Wine Preserver 2 Can Gift Box:

Silvadore 2 Can Gift Box

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