This can be a somewhat delicate question to answer. For some people, although the easy answer is "it whatever you want or prefer."  After all, what's underneath the cork is what really matters and not what's being used to open the bottle of wine.

At Silvadore, we're always keeping our eyes out for customer favorites to potentially bring new items into our product line and for that reason, bring it on. In the meantime, here’s some info on what is currently out there.

Different Options to Open a Bottle of Wine

There are styles such as a straight corkscrew to a fancy leveraging handled one. We’ll point out some basic styles (we are sure to miss some) just to give you an idea on what to consider.

  • Straight Corkscrew: metal or plastic, a corkscrew is simple, portable and can range from very inexpensive to more substantial and costly. I keep a plastic promotional one in my backpack at all times, after all one never knows when there will be a potential need (yes I was a Boy Scout).Straight Corkscrew for Opening a Bottle of Wine
  • Waiter Wine Key: my personal favorite. Comes in many sizes, versions, quality levels and price points. I like that there is usually a foil cutter to expose and be able to get to the cork as well as a convenient alternative bottle opener for beer or soda. Takes some getting used to, however, once you work with it often enough, it becomes almost second hand. I’d recommend a good mid range price one that is to your style liking (mine is shown here). Unless lost, a solid one will usually last a very long time.One Waiter Wine Bottle Opener
  • Butterfly Opener: These too come in a number of versions and quality grades. They tend to be easier to use and, from my limited studies (my wife) I find because of that fact, women tend to like this style.Butterfly Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener
  • Lever Opener: There are a variety of these types of openers popularized by "the Rabbit" as seen here. A little more gadgety, bulky and less portable, however easy to use and popular for in home use. Great to have for the everyday or regular wine drinker wanting a fast and easy tool to open a bottle of wine.Lever Type Corkscrew Bottle Opener for Wine Bottles
  • Electric or Gas Pressure Opener: electric openers tend to be battery operated, which is convenient (no cords in the way) and can work well if they are powered up properly. Sometimes the torque is a little less than desired, making it more cumbersome. There have been, and still are some gas dispensing openers which use gas pressure to pop the cork. When they work well, it’s easy, however, I have a personal concern on the safety due to pressure that has been known on occasion, albeit it rare, to have a bottle be damaged.Electric Wine Bottle Opener


The Bottom Line - Get the Bottle Open and Enjoy Good Tasting Wine

No matter which corkscrew type above you choose to use to open your bottle of wine, we hope you enjoy what's inside the bottle! And remember, if you don't always drink the whole bottle, and you want to enjoy great tasting glasses of wine over days or weeks, check out the 100% Argon Silvadore Wine Preserver. At Silvadore, "We Don't Make the Wine, We Make the Wine Experience Better."

Click/tap the image below to shop our simple and easy to use Silvadore Wine Preserver:

Silvadore Wine Preserver - 2 Can Pack

Silvadore Wine Preserver | 100% Argon Wine Presever


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