Here is a simple yet practical gift idea for any of your wine friends, family or clients. The Wine Buff is a microfiber wine glass polishing cloth that will take stains off your wine glassware (or glasses, phone or computer screens) while showing off the wine region of your choosing.

These Wine Buffs are attractive, colorful and educational while being especially thoughtful when combined with a bottle of wine from the same region. Different Wine Buff Regions include:

  • Italy
  • France
  • Spain
  • Australia
  • Napa/Sonoma
  • Washington State

Give as a hostess or holiday gift. An Italian Barolo with Italy or a Bordeaux with France, Napa with Napa of course. You get the picture.

Share the Fun with Wine Buff as a Special Gift

Especially fun if you know your giftee has a favorite wine or a favorite trip or possibly is studying wine from a given region. This personalizes your gift in a special way. One easy idea I love that was shared with me years ago was to wrap the wine bottle in a wine bag and use the wine buff almost as you would tissue paper.

When we are able to resume gatherings safely, celebrate the event and your guests by using WineBuffs as a table setting napkin. Watch the conversations start. As added option, have each guest keep theirs as a gift.

Watch our video tutorial on Wine Buffs

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