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Join the Club: Become a Member and Enjoy the Benefits

You get great value when you become a Silvadore Member at any of the 3 levels (Friends of, Silver, and Platinum). By becoming a Member, you earn free Silvadore product, discounts on orders you place, future privileges, and you support small businesses working to help the wine industry thrive in this difficult environment.

The Friends of Silvadore level is an easy way to receive Silvadore product that's worth more than the membership cost while earning additional benefits now - like 10% off future orders - and in the future, as we add partners to the program. Friends of Silvadore Membership also makes a great special gift idea for that friend or family member who enjoys wine.

During this introductory period, if you become a Silver or Platinum Member, you'll also earn recognition as a founding members of the first Silvadore "crew" - including an exclusive Plankowner Member Number which will not only recognize your early support, but include valuable opportunities as described in the "Plankowner" section below.

At all Membership levels, you receive valuable Silvadore products. Depending upon your Membership Level, this may include: Silvadore Wine Preserver, Silvadore Wine Stain Remover, a Silvadore puff vest or t-shirt, a unique Plankowner custom commemorative coin, a Personalized Membership Certificate, and other Silvadore merchandise. You get a "deal" on future purchases of Silvadore products, with deeper discounts offered at each level. These discounts provide an ongoing benefit to you for a whole year or even a lifetime. And, as we add additional future privileges and benefits, you will automatically be eligible to benefit from them during the term of your membership.

We especially value your voice as a Member. We use Member feedback to improve the Program itself, our company, and our wine industry partners.

Free product, order discounts, and supporting small businesses. It's a great time to join the Silvadore Membership program!

Join Now to Become a Silvadore "Plankowner"

As you can see in our “About Us”, one of our cofounders is a veteran Naval Officer. The term "plankowner" comes from the Naval tradition designating the first crewmembers of a newly commissioned Navy ship as "plankowners." The original crew members receive a plaque, plank, or coin signifying their unique status as the "first crew" of the new ship. Being a plankowner is a point of pride for the crew, and the status stays with the men and women for their entire Naval careers.

You can earn this status, if you join the Silvadore Membership Program at the Silver or Platinum level during this start-up period. By joining our Membership Program now, can you become a Silvadore "Plankowner." If you join as a Silver Plankowner or Platinum Plankowner Member before April 30th, you'll earn your exclusive and lifetime "plankowner" status and be a part of the original "crew" that helped launch Silvadore.

As a benefit to members who join at the Silver Plankowner or Platinum Plankowner levels, you will earn your own sequentially numbered "challenge coin." This coin proves your status and seniority as a Plankowner. The coin is a point of pride and confers "bragging rights." When in the presence of another Plankowner Member, you can request they present their coin. If they can not, they ought to buy you a glass of wine (of your choice). If they do produce their Member coin, then whoever has the highest numbered coin (i.e. he/she who joined last) should buy the wine for the more senior Member.

So, don't delay. Become a Silvadore Plankowner Member and secure your seniority / lowest challenge coin number.

A Unique Benefit for Silver and Platinum Members - Help Local

At the Silver and Platinum Membership levels, not only do you get a lot of value from joining, you also have an option to provide 2 cans of Silvadore Wine Preserver to the local restaurant(s) of your choice. This is an "upgrade" option for Members joining at the Silver level, and is automatically included for those joining at the Platinum level.

Pick your favorite local place, and we’ll send them two cans of Silvadore Wine Preserver, along with self service information and training guides that will help them save money and increase their wine revenue.

We will acknowledge your donation as coming from you, a valued friend and/or patron. This is a meaningful way to give back to your favorite restaurant, helping them survive this challenging time, compete and ultimately recover and rebound as we emerge from this period.

See the individual Silver Membership and Platinum Membership pages for details on how to give back in this unique way.

Using a 100% Argon wine preserver helps small restaurant operators compete against the large chains, by offering higher quality "wine by the glass" and "wine take home / Merlot to Go" programs

What Membership Funds Will Support

This Membership program will help us make a difference for restaurant operators during this extremely difficult time.

Membership dollars will allow us to produce a restaurant version of the Silvadore Wine Preserver. This larger format can, with a nozzle specifically designed for restaurant use, will help restaurant operators in two ways. First, they can offer more and better wines by the glass for their customers. Second, they can save money by reducing wasted wine - a drain on their profits.

You can be a part of helping your favorite local restaurant survive and recover from this pandemic with a product that helps increase their wine revenue through stronger "wine by the glass", "bottle take home", and "curbside" programs.

In addition to the special can itself, membership funds will fund valuable educational programs for consumers and restaurant operators. These programs will show how to "make the wine experience better" for consumers and restaurant patrons.

The Bottom Line: all of your membership dollars will be allocated specifically to bringing the restaurant size wine preserver can to market with supporting training materials to help our local restaurant operators survive, compete, and recover.

Benefit Friends of Silvadore Silver Plankowner Platinum Plankowner
Silvadore Wine Preserver - Retail Cans 2 4 6
Wine Buffs 1 1 6
Silvadore Wine Stain Remover - Bottle 1 6
Soiree Aerator 1
Membership Discount 10% through 2021 (or renewal) 20% through 2023 (or renewal) 20% for lifetime
Eligible for Future Added Benefits Yes through 2021 (or renewal) Yes through 2023 (or renewal) Yes for lifetime
Long Sleeve Silvadore Branded T-Shirt Yes
Men's or Women's Silvadore Branded Puff Vest Yes
Personally numbered Plankowner commemorative coin Yes Yes
2 Cans Restaurant Size Silvadore Wine Preserver sent to your local restaurant of choice Optional Upgrade Yes, 2 restaurants
Recognition on Silvadore Web Site Yes
Membership Contribution $40 $120 $1,000

Silvadore Membership Program - Deadlines and Timing

From now through April 30th, you can become a member and choose your preferred Membership from the three different levels - Friend of, Silver, and Platinum. You can choose the level that best suits you and provides the products and privileges you desire. Silvadore Membership is also a great gift idea. Purchase memberships for your wine loving friends and family, and they can benefit from all the products and promotions that the program offers.

At the end of this exclusive and limited time Membership period, the Silver and Platinum "Plankowner" Membership levels will end. Forever.

When this Membership period ends, we will ship to you the Membership level products you earned during sign-up. Member privileges like the discount will be emailed to you and will apply immediately after you join. And finally, if we add any new privileges or offerings to the standard membership program going forward, as a Plankowner Member you will be eligible for the benefits.

Plankowner status will only be available during this limited time period. Become an originating crew member and earn your status before it's gone forever...

"Friend of Silvadore" Membership Level

Low cost, introductory level. Free products, discounts, and eligible for added benefits.

See "Friends of Silvadore" Benefits

Silver "Plankowner" Membership Level

More free products, bigger discount, longer benefits, elite "Plankowner" status for life.

See "Silver Plankowner" Benefits

Platinum "Plankowner" Membership Level

The elite level, with tons of fee products, bigger discount, lifetime of benefits, elite "Plankowner" status for life, and special recognition as a Platinum Member on our site.

See "Platinum Plankowner" Benefits

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