Heinen's Tasteful Rewards and Silvadore Promotion


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Preserve the Fresh Taste of Your Wine

Use Silvadore to keep your wine tasting fresh at home. Pour a single glass from the bottle, and preserve the rest to enjoy another day.

Enjoy Better Quality Wine

When you know you can preserve the fresh taste of open bottles of wine, you'll think about wine differently. In particular, you'll be more confident to buy, open, and ENJOY better quality wine at home. Why? Becasue you no longer have to worry about the open bottle going bad. You can treat yourself to nice quality wine, a single glass at a time, whenever you want!

Get a Free Canister of Silvadore Wine Preserver

For a limited time only, experiment with nice quality wine and Silvadore Wine Preserver. If you are a Tasteful Reward Member, buy a nice bottle of wine - one  that is nicer than what you might have previously bought for home - and use the coupon code on your bottle hand tag to get a free can of Silvadore Wine Preserver.