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Platinum "Plankowner" Membership | Silvadore Membership Program


Join the Silvadore Membership Program! This highest level membership level earns  you the most advanced products and privileges, including gaining the status as a Silvadore Membership "Plankowner".

Benefits of the Platinum "Plankowner" Membership Level

By joining the program at the Platinum "Plankowner" Level, your membership includes:

  • Support a new business. Help launch Silvadore as we work to accomplish our mission to help consumers and the wine industry enjoy better quality wine experiences. Our mission says it all "We Don't Make the Wine, We Make the Wine Experience Better"
  • FREE Silvadore Products
    • Six cans of our new Silvadore Wine Preserver. Save open bottles of wine and keep your wine tasting fresh for days or weeks. Use this 100% argon wine preserver to enable yourself to enjoy wine on your own terms. Open a nice bottle and enjoy a single glass tonight? No worries! Preserve the rest of the bottle for another day.
    • Six Bottles of Silvadore Wine Stain Remover. Spilled some red wine on your shirt or dress? No problem. From the creators of Stain Rx, the Silvadore Wine Stain Remover will help you remove wine stains and clean up after the inevitable spill.
    • Six Assorted Wine Buffs, a fun and creative way to polish up your wine glasses, keep your phone screen clean, or wipe your laptop or desktop screen. A microfiber cloth custom made for different wine regions, the Wine Buff in your membership package includes the best selling "Napa/Sonoma" version plus 5 other versions.
  • A Warm and Cozy Silvadore Puff Vest. A cozy Men's or Women's puff vest that lets you share your status as a plankowner member.
  • 20% Discount on all Silvadore Products. You get 20% Off on all Silvadore products you order from now to forever! A lifetime of savings on all the items we offer at Silvadore. A special discount code will be emailed to you after you become a Platinum Member.
  • Personally Numbered Plankowner Challenge Coin. This coin proves your status and seniority as a Silvadore Plankowner Member. The coin is a point of pride and bragging rights, and will be packed in a nice display box.
  • Eligibility for any future added benefits.  As Silvadore adds to Membership benefits, you'll automatically get those benefits!
  • Support Two of Your Favorite Local Restaurants. Pick TWO of your favorite local favorites, and we’ll send them two cans each of the larger size Silvadore Wine Preserver, along with self service information and training guides that will help them save money and increase their wine revenue. This is a meaningful way to give back to two of your local favorite restaurants, helping them survive this challenging time, compete with the larger chains, and ultimately recover and rebound as we emerge from this period.
  • Recognition as a Platinum Plankower Member on SilvadoreBrands.com. You'll be recognized as a critical founding member and recognized for being a part of the launch of Silvadore Brands. This benefit? Priceless.