"Friends of Silvadore" Membership | Silvadore Membership Program

Join the Silvadore Membership Program! This low cost membership level gets you basic products and privileges at a value price point. 

Benefits of the "Friend of Silvadore" Membership Level

By joining the program at the "Friends of Silvadore" Level, your membership includes:

  • Support a new business. Help us launch Silvadore as we work to accomplish our mission to help consumers and the wine industry enjoy better quality wine experiences. Our mission says it all "We Don't Make the Wine, We Make the Wine Experience Better"
  • FREE Silvadore Products
    • Two cans of our new Silvadore Wine Preserver. Save open bottles of wine and keep your wine tasting fresh for days or weeks. Use this 100% argon wine preserver to enable yourself to enjoy wine on your own terms. Open a nice bottle and enjoy a single glass tonight? No worries! Preserve the rest of the bottle for another day.
    • One Wine Buff, a fun and creative way to polish up your wine glasses, keep your phone screen clean, or wipe your laptop or desktop screen. A microfiber cloth custom made for different wine regions, the Wine Buff in your membership package is the best selling "Napa/Sonoma" version.
  • 10% Discount on all Silvadore Products. You get 10% Off on all Silvadore products you order from now through the end of 2021. A full year of savings on all the items we offer at Silvadore. A special discount code will be emailed to you after you become a Friend of Silvadore.
  • Eligibility for any future added benefits.  As Silvadore adds to Membership benefits between now and the end of 2021, you'll automatically get those benefits!

Upgrade to the Silver "Plankowner" Membership Level for Even More!

Check out the next level of Silvadore Membership - the Silver Plankowner Level. At the next level, you get:

  • A lot more FREE Silvadore product
  • A Silvadore "Plankowner" long sleeve T-shirt
  • A personally numbered Plankowner Membership coin
  • An even larger discount on all future orders. 20% off and you can use it all the way until the end of 2023!
  • An exciting option to send 2 cans of the restaurant size Silvadore Wine Preserver to a local restaurant of your choice!

See the Silver Plankowner Membership product pagefor additional details on this intermediate level of Membership.

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